5 Great Resources For Online Mac Tech Support

For everyone that owns a Mac, there will be times when you really need some technical help. Perhaps you’re not sure how to backup your hard disk, or want to know how to move your files to a new Mac…

Besides our very own and indispensable ChrisWrites website, there are a handful of other useful sites that might have what you are looking for…

1. Apple Support

Website: Apple

It’s  no surprise that Apple provides perhaps the largest resource of Mac-related information that should help resolve any question you may have. If you Google anything related to Mac technical support, the Apple website is nearly always at the top of the list…

Mac Support Website - Main Page

The Apple support website is a wealth of useful information for the Mac

In general, the information is laid out very cleanly and easy to find with everything categorised into relevant sections. For example, you can browse by high-level topics such as Email, Apps or Backup, or browse the community forums to see if anyone has experienced the same issues. You can of course post your own questions too if you’re really stuck.

Mac Support Website - Post Question

Post a question to the community

There are separate sections for manuals, specifications and downloads (such as patches and software), and you can also filter everything by a specific model of Mac so you only see information relevant to your machine.

Mac Support -Topics

With everything organised by topic, information is very easy to find

Overall, Apple has done a great job of providing one of the best support sites, and in general it should be the first port of call for all things Mac related.

Mac Support - Answers

The community has answered just about every Mac-related question you can think of…

2. MacTech

Website: www.mactech.com

MacTech is a both a website and a printed magazine – the website provides daily news about the Mac, as well as helpful articles and how-to’s that mainly just link back to other websites such as Apple. Nevertheless, it’s a useful collection of links.

MacTech - Magazine

The printed version includes lots of interesting articles and Mac news

There is also a decent forum, which covers pretty much all the topics that you’d expect – such as how to upgrade your hardware, to questions about Mac OS X and security.

MacTech - Forum

The forum is organised by category and covers every aspect of the Mac

The Documentation section is basically a list of How-To’s, but the majority of the articles are actually just links to other websites. Still, there’s a tonne of useful stuff here.

MacTech - Documents

The website also carries a broad selection of tips and technical articles

3. iFixit

Website: www.ifixit.com

iFixit is a legendary website that has earned a reputation for tearing apart newly-released Apple hardware to see how repairable it is. The website specialises mainly in hardware, and is almost certainly the number one site in that regard.

iFixit - Questions

Think of a Mac question – it’s probably already on iFixit

Repairing the Mac isn’t really that simple for most people – but if you don’t want to have a go yourself, there are plenty of resources on the website, split into categories – e.g. for Mac desktop systems and laptops.

iFixit - Guides

The site specialises in articles on how to repair and fix your computer

Every topic imaginable is covered – from replacing a battery (which is actually a much more lengthy process than it sounds) to installing an SSD drive.

iFixit - Guides

There are guides for just about everything (hardware-wise) for the Mac

The instructions are very clear, detailed, and easy to understand. The website also sells most of the tools that you need to carry out the repairs yourself.

iFixit - Step by Step Instructions

The step-by-step instructions are incredibly detailed and fairly easy to follow

iFixit has a deserved reputation as one of the best Mac repair sites – it’s also a very interesting read if you’ve ever wondered what’s inside your Mac and just how repairable it really is.

4. Help.com

Website: www.help.com

Help.com is a forum-based site that allows you to post all manner of questions and (hopefully) receive relevant answers. You can search past items or make a new post anonymously (it’s not necessary to create an account).


Help.com is a community-driven question and answer forum

Perhaps the most intriguing feature is the map on the home page that updates in real-time, showing recent items of relevance. For example, you can see who’s asking questions as well as their location – not really an essential feature but it can make interesting reading.

Help.com Website

Help.com is a fairly simple site but does contain a lot of posts on many Mac topics

As technical resources go, Help.com can be a bit hit and miss, but there are sometimes useful tidbits on here that aren’t available elsewhere, so it’s worth checking out occasionally.

5. Lynda.com

Website: www.lynda.com

Lynda.com is a superb video training site that has a massive range of content (109,000 video tutorials) on thousands of technical topics (not just Apple). There are however loads of Apple-related videos covering topics such as OS X and how to use popular apps like Final Cut Pro.

The videos tend to be very well produced, but as a result the site isn’t free – the basic package starts at $25 a month. If you’re really serious about video-based training and have some money to spare, the more expensive packages are worth it, and even let you download the courses onto an iPhone or iPad.


Lynda.com has a decent selection of Mac-based video tutorials

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